Thank You Captain Neal,

Words can’t express what you have done for my brother Jose, he has a new outlook on life and has been able to move past many obstacles.
Fishing has always been a good form of therapy for us. It has helped us escape reality at times, but the biggest thing we take from our trip is the conversations we share with you.
We talked on our way back and vision you as a super hero yelling out “crushed them" every time we caught a fish.
We believe that the world would be better if it had more people like you and your family.
Thank you for what you do for all my brothers/sisters and especially for my brother Jose Diaz

Capt. Neal,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to take Salsa and myself fishing. It truly was a great adventure and remarkable time. Your attention to Salsa was above my expectation and we both appreciated it. The knowledge that you shared help me enjoy the fishing to its fullest.
Besides the fishing I enjoyed the talking and joking around we did, you make me feel very comfortable and at ease. Capt. Stark the service you provide to veterans is a true blessing and I'm very grateful for that. Again I will say thank you from Salsa and myself.
Moises Castro

I was invited to go fishing today 02 Jan 2012 by Nuna C. Now I have not been fishing since my son Trace was a very little boy (he's almost 19 now if that says anything), but I said sure I need to relax what the heck let's do this! I have to say Thank you to my good friend Nuna for the invite.
Wow what a great, fun, peaceful, relaxing time we had. Neal Stark with Fishing with America's Finest and American Everglades Guide, Inc offered his time, equipment, support, knowledge, and to top it off he brought lunch to, we just had to show up! We caught so many fish, laughed got a little serious at times you know some "friendly" competition among us Vets.
I cannot say thank you enough to Neal, I went on his solider retreat to relax and what I really got in return was a uplifting moment in my life.
Thanks Neal! You are a blessing to all Navy, Marines, Air force, Army and Coast Guard that have a chance to go on one of your retreats. If you are in the South Florida Area and you are looking for a day to go Bass fishing all you need to do is call Neal or go to his FB page Neal Stark and inquire about going on a day trip.
Thanks again Neal for all your support to the US Military, you are a true Patriotic American!
Kristie W., U.S. Navy.


I’m glad to hear that your offer to take vets out for a day of fishing in the everglades as a way of giving back has become so successful. It’s an honor to hear that we played a small part of it by being the genesis for this great program.

Others would be content to donate a few dollars to a good cause and call it a day. You’re willingness to want to really get involved and commit your time and resources to this is truly amazing. Words alone cannot express my gratitude for your helping my son Matt and I get back together after he returned from his second deployment in 2009.

Spending the day fishing in the everglades was very relaxing and therapeutic in helping him adjust to being home. But the real difference was you – you opened up your heart and your home to us and reminded us what it was like to be a family. Just being with you and Jake helped us connect again as father and son and showed us how important that spending quality time together is.

Your sincerity in wanting to help by doing this was evident from the very beginning and made me comfortable in taking you up on your offer to help. I know that it meant a lot to you to be able to help a fellow military family and we greatly appreciated it.

Thanks again for showing us that America is still a great country with a great spirit, thanks to people like you and Jake.

Your Friends Eternally, Doug and Matt H

Dear Neal,

Thank you so much for taking Calvin (my son) and I fishing in the Everglades. As soon as we left the city and got into your boat, a nice wave of relaxation set in. It felt great to get out of the concrete jungle of the city and get into to the fresh and open air.

I was amazed by all of the natural scenery and wildlife that we were able to see that day - plenty of alligators along with several different types of magnificent birds and fish. Before the trip, I had never caught a fish larger than a few inches and I have to say that reeling in my first bass was a pretty awesome feeling. Those fish really do have quite a bit of power! You and your son were very helpful guides for us newbie's.

I didn't realize how much skill was involved in fishing but you two were great teachers and made it easy for us to reel in a few monsters. I feel as though the Everglades is a very special place and I truly feel blessed that my son and I were able to spend some quality time together with you all.

Sincerely, Thomas Adams